March 8, 2013

Pinterest Friday - Fabric Floor Cushion

My post for Wish list Wednesday this week was a bucket list of things I would like to make.  For quite awhile I have been wanting to make a floor cushion or "pouf" as they are sometimes called.  There are so many wonderful cushion DIY's on Pinterest, so I put several together and came up with one for Kendra's (actually my granddaughters') new playroom.

Kendra's colors are gray and coral, so I found this beautiful cotton sateen fabric.  I knew that I wanted coral piping, and on Etsy I found an incredible shop called Northwest Notions that had just what I wanted ~ in addition to a beautiful bright assortment of all types of trims.

Here is what I did ~ please forgive my detailed directions (guess it is part of the teacher in me)!!

1 yard fabric ~ I recommend a decorator weight (sometimes called drapery weight) ~ don't want it to wear too quickly with use.
3 yards of piping ~ one package from Northwest Notions is perfect
polyester fiberfill ~ I used almost all of a 32 ounce bag

2 circles with a circumference of 17 inches ~ Susan from Living with Punks drew her circles with a compass.  I didn't have one, but my husband helped me with a string and a pencil.  We measured the radius of the circle ( 8 1/2 inches).  Leaving a little to tie the string to the pencil, we held the end and drew our circle onto the paper.

1 piece 51 1/2" x 9"

Pin the piping face down to the edge of each of the circle pieces. 

Using you zipper foot, baste the piping about 1/8" from the fabric edge.

Now this part may sound a little tricky, but it makes a clean finish. 
When you complete the circle, allow and excess of about 1" of piping, and cut.

Using your seam ripper, remove the stitching from about 1/2" of  the top piece (not the piece you cut).

Fold back to expose the cording.  Trim 1/2" of the cording.

Iron down the 1/4" of the fabric. 

Now tuck the remaining edge inside this folded piece.  You may have to trim a little of the cording, and pin in place.  You want it to fit inside the fold, so that it looks like one continuous piece.

On one of the two completed circles (with piping), use your zipper foot again, and stitch as close as possible to the piping for about 8 - 10 inches.  This will be the section that you will leave open for the stuffing.  If you do not stitch now, it will not close correctly.

Stitch your rectangular piece together right side together using a 1/2" seam allowance, press seam open.  Pin the pieces to one circle at a time, right sides together.  Again using your zipper foot sew one circle and then the other.  Remember not to stitch the 8 - 10" that you left for the stuffing opening.

Turn right side out, and stuff.  Hand stitch the opening shut. 



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