April 2, 2013

DIY Cloud Corkboards

Wow what a weekend! Layla's fourth birthday party was Saturday and we had an amazing time with lots of friends and family and gorgeous weather - finally!!  I'm putting together a post about that for later this week so today i thought I'd share a quick DIY I did inspired by these cute little cloud corkboards.

The computer desk in our kitchen is the home of a lot of activity - school papers, reminders, invitations...just a lot of stuff.  It was getting pretty messy and the lack of organization was driving me crazy so I thought adding a few corkboards to the wall behind  the computer would help get things off the desk and keep me better on top of things.

Here's a shot of the desk BEFORE:

Just too much stuff laying around and stuck haphazardly up on the walls.

All you need to make few small/medium clouds is a roll of corkboard, scissors, a pencil, foam brush and some paint.

The supplies.

I drew a few clouds on the corkboard and cut them out.  Since the cork was in a roll I put heavy books on the cloud shapes over night to flatten them.  The next day I simply swirled white paint over the cork and let it dry for an hour or two.

Clouds can be any shape - which makes this super easy!

The desk AFTER:

Much better!

Much more room on the desk!

Love these! And the polka dot thumbtacks are adorable - right (thx Belinda)?!

Happy Tuesday!!
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