June 20, 2014

Pinterest Challenge ~ Fabric Bulletin Board DIY

I have resolved to keeping myself more organized!  With so many fabric samples for my Etsy shop lying around, my desk was becoming a little chaotic.  Where to go for ideas ~ why Pinterest, of course!
There were so many great samples ~ from wine cork boards to picture frame boards. 
Since I wanted something simple and functional, I just decided on a cork board covered with fabric and a little ribbon.
It was an easy and inexpensive project!

I purchased a 14" 14" cork board from Joann's (approx. $3.00).

Next, a fabric ~ I choose this blue chevron from Spoonflower, which I cut into a 16 1/2" x 16 1/2" square.

To be sure that the print kept straight while it was stapled, I first taped it with blue painter's tape.

Then stapled...

I added 1" white ribbon to the bottom; it allowed me to clip items as well as using pins (and it looks pretty too)!

The final result~

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