June 22, 2014

A Mix of Old & New, Neon & Natural - Hadley's Big Girl Room

Hi there and happy Monday!! So this post has been a long time coming.  I started collecting items for Hadley's big girl room while she was still just a baby. If I saw something that I knew would work I bought and then I hid it - in a big closet in our guest room.  That closet filled up over the course of a year, and it was great to finally pull it all out (some that I had actually forgotten about!) and get to work making her small nursery into a vibrant and happy big girl room just for her!

Hadley has the smallest bedroom in the house. Sometimes it feels like it's half the size of Layla's so I wanted to make up for the lack of square footage by incorporating comfy textiles, super bight colors, fun wall art and plenty of open space for playing. 

My color palette for her room started with neon pink, gold and white.  I went back and forth about changing the colors of her walls from sky blue to bright white but decided to embrace the blue  (I do still love it) and just add a few more colors into the mix.  Enter Oh Joy's Spring party line for Target.

I used a ton of her party supplies for Layla's fifth birthday and then again for Hadley's third, so I had lots of pretty leftovers to work with, along with some wall dots that I bought knowing the would look good somewhere. Well, the colors (coral, green, yellow) helped balance out my original palette perfectly.  Using the dot decals on just one wall made it more special and didn't cluttered up the rest of the walls which I thought would make the room feel smaller and too uniform.  I also used one the Oh Joy flower garlands to hang over her bed, and we love hanging  her party hats from door knobs and filling them with tissue flowers.

Next was on my list was bedding.  I had already gotten sheets for her bed and I had my mom make the gorgeous hot pink heart sham but I was having troubling finding a quilt I liked.  I had wanted to use a vintage quilt but couldn't find one that was both the colors I wanted and the size I needed.  So I decided to make my first and only real splurge and had a quilt custom made. 

I had worked with Janice from La Rue de Fleurs on two other quilt projects so I knew she would do a wonderful job creating the design I wanted with the fabrics I had picked out.  Well, to say she surpassed my expectations would be an understatement.  The quilt is not only well made and super soft, but it's the perfect mix of traditional and modern.  Just what I wanted and I love it!

As for the furnishings in the room, the Peacock-style headboard was something I had always wanted to use in one of my girls' rooms.  I love the bohemian style of the natural rattan and the scrolly design is so feminine and pretty.  Again, I tried to go the vintage route but the ones on Etsy and even Craigslist were out of my price range. So when I found this one at Urban Outfitters last year on sale, I scooped it up.

One of my favorite parts of designing this room was picking out artwork and creating the gallery wall.  Hadley's wall has mix of Etsy artists, family photos, and her own artwork - along with pages torn out of coloring books and catalogues.  The huge Martha Stewart paper flowers add dimension while the hanging mirror adds depth and light.  Side note: the Love poster on the floor was placed there while I was coming up with the layout (and to cover an outlet) but once I stood back and looked at everything I decided it would stay right where it is...acrylic frame so no risk of breaking plus it covers that outlet beautifully!!

The side table is from Target - I got it right before it sold out.  The bookshelf is the same just backed with a different fabric and completely restyled. 

Her dresser was actually Scott's childhood dresser (I painted it white) with pulls from my childhood dresser.  I love that she has a little piece of us, when we were her age, in her room. 

The wicker chair was a thrift store find and the floor mirror was from Craigslist.  I made the cradle out of the table that was in Hadley's nursery and will do a before and after post about that another day! 

So there you have it, Hadley's sweet little room made especially for her. 

Later this week I'll share a more complete source list for most of the things in her room.  And will prepare a tutorial or two as well!
Thanks for looking!!
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