June 19, 2014

Neon Pink Around the House

Hi!  Today's post highlights my newest favorite accent color - neon pink!  It's so bright and fresh I love how it can make a space a little more special.  I'm hard at work on a looong post for Monday - Hadley's big girl room reveal - and am super excited to share a few more peeks here that showcase this hot color in her room and around our house!

I love this nylon rope I bought at Lowes for $4 - there are so many projects you use it in and the color is so pretty!

These poufs were an unplanned but amazing purchase from Target's clearance section.  Love how they "pop" again the rug.

A little painting I did awhile ago to add some color to our Living Room bookshelf.

Hexagon box also found at Target in Hadley's room. I added the felt bows: )

I fell hard for the neon pink stars on the fabric that backs Hadley's bookshelf.

And a few hot pink bow hooks for her ever-growing collection of tutu and jewelry.
Prepare yourself for a ton photos on Monday...I'm madly in love with her room and it was hard to just pick a few!!
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