June 2, 2014

We're Back!

Sorry for the radio silence around here, we were on a much needed break, spending time in both Long Island and New Jersey.  We got a few beach days in and the girls got to experience two really cool museums - The Franklin Institute and The Children's Museum.  So much fun!

Beach time!!

I even got a morning of yard sales in - with Scott! Below are a few of my finds... real post tomorrow - I promise!

More milk glass for my ever-growing collection, framed needlepoint flowers, a colorful beaded necklace and a hand painted bird from Ecuador...not a bad for less than $15!

The girls' Gadji (Scott's Dad) got them a huge bin of plastic dinosaurs.

And I found this cute sticker/coloring book with best faces!!

The one of the left is hanging on Hadley's wall already : )
Happy Monday!!

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