February 17, 2015

Powder Room Makeunder

Hi there!  Hope you had a lovely long weekend!  Ours has been extended by a couple of inches of snow and single digit temps.  Hoping it warms up a little so we can get outside and play!

Our tiny powder room off the kitchen has been the subject of two makeover attempts (here and here) that I knew were only temporary until I could decide what I really wanted to do with the room.  And  I think that time has finally arrived!  So today I present the powder room makeunder.  A little less stuff and a whole lot brighter!

I used  cloth napkins from Anthropologie as hand towels.
The first thing I had to deal with was the walls.  While I liked the gold dots I used before, the wall color was an off-white creamy color that just made the space seem dreary.  So I got to work painting the entire room (ceiling to floor boards) bright white.   I also repainted the vanity cabinets and spray painted all the fixtures (towel bar, toilet paper holder) bright white as well.

Once everything was painted I tried something I had wanted to do somewhere in house for a while - a Sharpie drawn wall.  All you need for this a Sharpie paint pen (I got my mine Micheal's for $4 and used two for this room) a yard stick or clear ruler and a little free time.  In hindsight I should have used a level too, to keep everything straighter, but I skipped that step I am fine with the wonkiness here and there!

A colorfully lined basket and mason jar is the perfect spot to keep the girls' toothbrushes.
I replaced the old glass knobs with these pretty hand painted ones from Anthropologie.  And got rid of the fabric that had been hanging under the sink with a woven piece I made using a dowel and lots of yarn of different thickness and color.  I like how it what is hidden under the sink but it more airy that just a piece of fabric.

I like how the yarn has unraveled a bit since hanging it.

A little vintage rag rug - in colors similar to the yarn - is cozy underfoot for the girls while they are washing hands or brushing teeth before school.

I wanted a bold piece of art on the wall above the toilet where I had shelves before.  So I looked for inspiration from some of my favorite abstract artists and whipped up the painting below.  I love how the shapes and colors look against the lines of the wall pattern.

My OhJoy for Target vase fits right in here!

Well there you have it!  So happy with how this little room turned out.  So much brighter than before.  And it feels a lot more like me!

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