February 23, 2015

Reworked Vintage

Hi!  Hope you had a great weekend...ours was snowier than expected but the girls loved it and I got a little quiet time while Scott took them outside to play.  I was finally able to finish this book - which was really good and sad.

Today, I thought I'd share the latest addition to my Etsy shop - woven wall hangings.  I start out using a vintage piece as the base, the two below were rag rugs, and then update/embellish them by adding yarn of varying thickness and color.  When I started this post on Friday night the top one was available to purchase but it sold Saturday morning which was kind of exciting because it was my first listing like this!

The piece below I made for our front living room/kids library.  You might remember I had arrows made out of paint chip samples there before.  I decided this little corner needed to be brighter and simpler so this woven piece with it's flat cream base and shocks of color here and there does the trick.

Now, since my first piece sold, I'm on the hunt for new vintage pieces!  Wish me luck!

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