March 17, 2015

Organizing all that Art/School/Kid Stuff

Hi there and Happy St. Patick's Day! So it's no secret that I think everything Layla and Hadley draw, paint and create is wonderful too wonderful to toss. I mean, I get anxiety about throwing away a worksheet from school on the life cycle of a meal worm - and there is so much stuff like that, that comes home every single day.  Since Layla started preschool three years ago I have been keeping  a growing pile of this "stuff" in a closet upstairs.  It was an unorganized mess and I kept telling myself I'll get to it later - well later came last week when I ripped everything out of what used to be my craft closet (turned into junk closet) forcing myself to finally organize it.  The ripping out part is why I don't have a "before" photo to share but trust me it was bad!

In order to get the girls' school papers and art in order I bought three plastic bins (Lowes $3.99) two for prechool (one for each) and one for Layla's Kindergarten "stuff".  I printed out a label with their name and the years of "stuff" in the box as well as their class photos from that year(s).  I did a side by side of Layla's preschool years and will do the same once Hadley has another class photo next year.



I love having a designated place to put everything and no longer feel the need to toss something because I don't have room for it. I'm planning to buy a new bin at the beginning of each school year from now until Hadley's senior year in 2029!!

Oh and here is how the craft closet is looking at the moment - not great but much better!  I'll post more on this once I have figured out exactly how to make this space work.


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