March 3, 2015

Thrift Store Art

When I go to a thrift store there are usually two sections I zone in on. One is the home décor section which includes everything from vintage ceramics and vases to brass and small objects.  The other is art.  I make my way around the whole store and look at everything but since things like furniture or lighting require a "need" more than a "want" I focus most of my attention on things I can actually take home that day!

When I go through the piles of art at a thrift store I'm on the look out for original art. I really love buying paintings signed by the artist and googling them when I get home later.  I also don't pay more than $25 for a piece - at least I haven't so far - overpaying for anything at a thrift store kinda takes the fun and "thriftiness" out of it for me so I try to stick with that rule no matter how much I love something.  I have written about a few pieces I have found - here, here and here and today thought I'd share my latest finds.

The parrot painting above was done on wood - the colors are so pretty and the details are amazing!
 I bought this piece for $6.

This is probably my favorite thrift store art find - ever! 
The colors are so saturated and the landscape is so realistic it's almost like you could jump right into it.
 I spent $8 on this piece and with the frame - it was almost my biggest thrift store art "steal" ever too!

I was so excited to find this huge sunflower painting.  It hangs in the basement playroom and brightens this little corner perfectly.  I paid $10 for this one!

This painting was creating using dots and smudges and I was just in awe of the time it must have taken to paint it.  I hung it in our front living room for awhile but decided to replace it with this weaving.  It's now for sale in my Etsy shop!

Well there you have it!  I will probably continue to collect thrift store art until I run out of wall space!

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