November 18, 2011

Pinterest Challenge Friday - Fabric Coasters

Happy Friday! 

Today I decided to share my latest mini project inspired by one of my "pins" on Pinterest.  As I mentioned here I am trying to complete at least one "pinspiration" based task.  Unlike last week, I actually have a step by step tutorial - just don't get used to it!

This week's project is based on this pin but instead of using scrapbook paper I decided to use left over fabric from my tablecloth curtains since these coasters will be used in the family room.

What you will need:
Modge Podge
Foam Brush
Ceramic Tiles (got these for $.08/each at Restore)
Fabric Scissors
Fabric (or scrapbook paper)
Self adhesive felt circles
Clear spray paint

First I traced my ceramic tile onto the fabric with pencil.  I used sections that I thought would look best on the coaster.

Next I cut out each square with fabric scissors which helps lessen fraying.

Then I applied a thin layer of Modge Podge onto the tile and placed the fabric square on top and smoothed it down.

Then another thin layer of Modge Podge directly onto the fabric making sure to get the edges where there may be loose threads.

Once the glue was completely dry (about 15 minutes) I cut off any extra fabric and threads and added my felt circles to the bottom - these are similar to ones you would use on the legs of chairs to prevent scratching your floor.

A quick spray of clear spray paint to make it waterproof and give it a little extra shine and we're done!

Pretty little coasters that match my family room. Yay!

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