August 15, 2012

Simple & Fresh Summer Pasta

I've recently jumped on the baking bandwagon but I still pretty much hate loathe dislike cooking.  And since I don't particularly enjoy the whole cooking process the food usually reflects that - with the exception of a few meals that I actually like to make because they are 1) super easy 2) take little prep work or cooking time and 3) require little clean up. Win, win, win!

This pasta dinner is one of my "go-tos" because not only is it delicious but it's light and healthy to boot.  I had watched my Mom and sister-in-law Emily make it before I tried it out and have to say it's a crowd-pleaser every time!

What you'll need:
Grape tomatoes (I used a pint and a half)
Fresh mozzarella cheese (I used 1 ball)
Basil (as much as you like - I like a lot)
Extra virgin olive oil (enough for the base of the sauce)
Any Pasta (I like using veggie based rotini or farella)
Sea Salt

Put water on for the pasta - I always add salt.  I remember my Mom always saying that her grandmother said pasta water should "taste like the ocean".  I don't go that far but I definitely like to add some for flavor.

Next pour the olive oil into a large skillet/saucepan and heat on medium.  You want to coat the pan but also add a little more because this is the base for your sauce.

Slice all of your tomatoes in half and then add them to the olive oil in the skillet.

I used a mix of red and golden yellow grape tomatoes.

Allow the tomatoes to soften a bit and then begin squishing them with a fork.  You want to make sure you get all of them!  It's at this point that I throw in a bit of sea salt. 

Turn the heat down to low and allow the tomatoes to simmer for about 10 minutes.

Start chopping up the basil and cubing the mozzarella.

Once the pasta is al dente drain and pour into a serving bowl.

The pour the hot tomato sauce over the pasta and then add the basil and mozzarella.  This makes all the cheese nice and gooey.

I used Barilla spinach and zucchini pasta.  Nothing like adding some veggies on the sly:)

Mix it up.

Dinner is ready! Nothing to it!

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