January 14, 2014

The Girl's Bathroom - Complete -- Finally!

Hello!  So last the last time I posted about the girls' bathroom progress was waaaay back in September.  It was looking pretty good at that point - much better from where we started but I wasn't able to officially check it off my list until last month.  

This little room see a lot of bath time action, which is why I wanted focus a little extra time and money on this space.  Unfortunately, this room gets no natural light so I needed to compensate for that major downer by bringing in bright colors and patterns, without making the room feel too cluttered or overwhelming.  

The easiest part of the makeover was picking out the wallpaper.  I have been in love with this Julia Rothman design for years.  I knew it was just what the room needed to make it feel more airy and light and the whimsical print was right up my alley.   So with that big decision out of the way everything else just fell into place.  I started gathering items for the room almost immediately after we moved in and it was fun to see everything come together once the bigger projects - wallpapering, replacing the old sink/countertop/light fixture, hanging the mirror and moulding - were complete.  

OK, this post is getting a bit wordy and I have lots and lots of photos to share.  I'll follow this post up with more of the little details/sources and anything I else I forgot to mention here.





I removed the towel bars that were on the wall to make the area around the tub a little less congested and so the beautiful wallpaper wouldn't be covered. 
Vintage faucet handles as drawer knobs.

The owl family that once lived in Hadley's room and a house tissue box.

The number 2 tin (left over from Hadley's bday party)holds the girls' ponytail holders and barrettes - a very convenient place to throw them at bath time!

Two of my favorite things in the room are actually things I decided on at the very end of working on this room.  The faux window on the wall of the shower (using a wallpaper tile) and the sun on the ceiling.  Originally I planned to paint the plastic exhaust fan cover white to match the ceiling and hopefully draw attention away from it, but I ended up doing the complete opposite by painting it the same bright yellow used throughout the room. It ties the whole room together and makes the room.

Bright yellow spray paint and some thin yellow washi tape = instant sunshine!


Lots more to share later this week!!
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Anonymous said...

Hi I was thinking of using the same wallpaper in our girls' bathroom as well! Any issues with hanging wallpaper in a bathroom w/ a tub/shower that will gather moisture so far? That's been my only hesitation....

Kendra + Patricia said...

hi and thanks for the question! so far no issues to report but I should preface that by saying this room is used solely for baths - no steamy showers yet!

C'est La Vie said...

thanks! the girls only take baths too, but am thinking for the not-too-often times we have overnight guests, they'd be using this shower....hmmm....

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