November 12, 2012

Nice Legs! An Easy Chair Perk Up

We have two pretty boring but nicely shaped Ikea chairs in our front living room/kid's library.  When we bought them, about 7 years ago, they came with white slipcovers but I liked the way they looked without them because that way you could see the legs. 

Recently, I have added a few things to the chairs to make them a bit more "exciting" (pillows and this nifty little trick) but decided it was time to do something more permanent.  So I used the left over spray paint from this project and got to work!


I simply unscrewed the legs and covered the chair pads with painter's tape. 
Then I pushed the screws through and cardboard box so it would be easy to reach all sides of the legs.

I sprayed two light even coats of the leftover metallic gold spray paint over all the legs and left them outside to dry for about 24 hours.

Then I just screwed them back into the chairs!


Nothing too crazy/drastic but a more polished finished look for sure!
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