February 28, 2013

Mixing Patterns - A Possible Chair Redo

Happy Monday All!  So, I've recently been thinking about changing up the Ikea Tullsta chairs in our Kid's Library/Living Room.  I have been making small tweaks to them over the years from removing the white slipcovers and adding bright pillows and a "stripe" to painting the legs to class them up a bit.  But now I'm thinking a REAL change is in order and almost everything I have been drawn to includes mixing and matching patterns and styles.
Below are a few options I'm considering: reupholstering, stenciling or just replacing.  Although, I think that last option is a little far off considering there is nothing structurally wrong with the chairs - they just need a facelift.

Option 1
I just ordered samples of these two fabrics - ikat dot in fuchsia and ikat argyle.  I'd really love to cover the chair in triangle pattern and use the dots fabric as an accent pillow. 
Option 2
This chair from Target has been my favorite for a while. I am inspired by the pattern to maybe try covering our chair in something similar.  The teal blue pillow would be a nice pop against all that yellow.
Option 3
I saw this amazing stencil project on Design Sponge a few weeks ago and immediately knew this was something I could try with these chairs.  I even like the idea of trying to copy the triangle fabric sample from Option 1 into a stencil.  The pillow in this option is a bit boho and makes the simplicity of the pattern a little more interesting.
Option 4
This chair is so girly and fun (aka something Scott would never go for) but the color would look great in this room and play off the other spots of pink.  The kitchy zebra pillow brings in some quirkiness to balance out the fanciness of the tufted chair.
Option 5
Nail head trim!! This would probably be the easiest option because all it would require is a few yards of trim - I would use antique gold - and a rubber mallet.  Outlining the chairs with nail heads would look great with the gold legs.  The pillow is fun and one that has also been on my "to buy" list for a while.
Which one do you like?  I'm leaning toward option 3 or 5...
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